Vision & Platform

I believe in West St. Paul - our residents, our local businesses, and our opportunities for the future.

With creative and proactive leadership we don't need to settle for aging infrastructure, empty storefronts, and stasis. We can create positive change without crippling property taxes and special assessments. But to do so your representatives need to put in the work.

I am running for Ward 2 to put in the work for our community.




Community surveys have consistently shown that West St. Paul residents consider walkability and bikeability a top priority. The expansion of the city’s sidewalks and bike trails is not merely recreational. It increases safety for our children, the elderly, those with mobility issues, and provides safe passage for bike commuters and users of public transportation.  I will seek alternate sources of funding in order to limit the burden on individual residents to complete these projects.

Attracting Desirable Business and Development

As a second generation small business owner in West St. Paul, I look forward to being an ambassador to small businesses considering our city as a place to call home. Our unique location served by multiple intersecting highways and our proximity to St. Paul’s booming Lowertown and West 7th neighborhoods creates great opportunities for businesses to draw in customers. Our city officials should be strong advocates for our city and its commercial value, highlighting our strengths instead of following West St. Paul’s long standing strategy that any development is good development.

I propose moving our focus from large handouts to developers who ignore our Renaissance Plan and instead find developers that recognize the value of our city, believe in our vision for a revitalized commercial corridor, and look to the future instead of relying on the collapsing model of big box retail. Once again, we simply need to listen to our residents who have clearly expressed their desire to see unique, independent, non-chain businesses in West St. Paul’s commercial districts.

I also support advances in development of our other retail and commercial sectors such as the Smith/Dodd intersection and the often overlooked light industrial, commercial, and professional spaces in our city.

Community engagement

An inclusive and engaged community is a strong community. West St. Paul is a diverse city and only by engaging diverse voices can we solve our biggest challenges, like affordable housing or supporting our aging population.

I see a number of ways the city can better engage its residents, including:

  • scheduling town halls and listening sessions with expanded weekend and evening options.

  • providing interpreters and childcare for city events.

  • distributing city information in multiple languages.

  • seeking opportunities to better engage with our renters, and more

For more than 30 years, I have interacted with people from all walks of life through my business. I truly enjoy working with people and look forward to connecting with the residents of our city as your councilperson.