Ways to Help



Like it or not, thanks to signs, literature, and other necessary expenditures, campaigns cost money. You can rest assured that I will put your money to good use. Visit the donate page to find out how.

Host a Meet and Greet

I want nothing more than to meet with as many constituents as possible prior to the election and have a conversation about our collective hopes for and concerns about our city. To do this, I’m asking if you would be willing to host a casual get together with your Ward 2 friends and neighbors. Some of the best conversations happen of coffee and tea, or barbecue and beer. I can help you identify a good time, or if you already have a gathering planned, I’d love to join you! Click here to sign up.

Host a Lawn Sign

I’ve got signs, and you’ve got a yard or a balcony. Let’s put them together! Click here to request a sign.